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Most Wanted Deals

Here you can find the most wanted deals. We have different sets for women that are doing sports, or they just want to be casual. The vintage ones can find for sure something. The Accessories category has earrings, necklace and bracelets.If you think what you find here suit you, then tell us about it. CLICK…

Summit on the situation in Ukraine at Putin’s hand

Ukrainian President Zelenski is under pressure before meeting with Vladimir Putin in Paris at talks in the Normandy format. Zelenski wants peace, but he can’t make big concessions, so he won’t have any problems at home, according to an analysis of the Deutsche Welle portal. The expectations are huge. The atmosphere is the same, both…

Wins his sixth Ballon d’Or

Lionel Messi is the 2019 Ballon d’Or winner! The most loved football player of all times. Lionel Messi won yesterday, at the ceremony. Luka Modric presented the Barcelona captain with the trophy. The Croatian’s year of holding it in 2018 came to an end. The leading player on the planet, at this point of time, was voted. The voting ended in…

About salary in Romania, Europa

It is said that Romanians do not have high salaries because they are not productive. In fact, the Romanian employees have the highest labor productivity compared to the wages of the whole European Union. You also see what is the share of the remuneration of the employees in the value added in the food retail…

Answers to your questions

What makes this agency special?

I am not earn the money only with customer projects, but also with my own web projects. That makes me special because I know what really works.

What does your care on projects cost?

Prices are based on your business goals and resources. My cooperation starts from a budget of 1000 euros.

How can I convince myself?

I am always ready to share with you the case studies and results from other projects. Simply send me an e-mail.

What do you need for cooperation from me?

It all depends on which activities I should take over for you. Please note, however, that to market your business online, I need to have deep insights into your day-to-day business. Only then does work a successful cooperation.

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