Lionel Messi is the 2019 Ballon d’Or winner!

The most loved football player of all times. Lionel Messi won yesterday, at the ceremony.

Luka Modric presented the Barcelona captain with the trophy. The Croatian’s year of holding it in 2018 came to an end.

The leading player on the planet, at this point of time, was voted. The voting ended in Messi being chosen as the best player in the world. After four years of Real Madrid control with Cristiano Ronaldo and Modric, this is a triumph for Barcelona, and for Messi. Cristiano Ronaldo finished third in the voting for this year.

Messi was there with his wife and two children.

Source: Family Photograph

“I remember that for my first Ballon d’Or, I came to Paris at 22 years of age with my three brothers. It was something incredible,” Messi said, upon picking up the award.

“As my wife said in her message, in all this time I never stopped dreaming, of always wanting to grow, of continuing to improve day by day and especially enjoying football.”

Messi says here that his playing days would soon be coming to an end. He was little stressed about this statement because he wants to continue having fun on the field. 

“Thank God I can do what I love since I was one or two years old and, God willing, I will have several more years of enjoying [football]. 

“I am aware of how old I am and these moments are much more enjoyable because retirement is approaching and it is difficult to repeat it.

“Although I have several more years left, at the moment it seems that time flies and everything happens very fast.

“I hope to continue enjoying football, my family, my rivals and this life that I have.”

What is your oppinion about Messi?

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